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Founded in 1988, the German-American International School is an independent, private non-profit school, offering a program ranging from Preschool through 8th grade.

The German-American International School inspires today’s students to become tomorrow’s global thinkers.

The school’s philosophy is exemplified by its international program, which integrates the best teaching methodologies of the world.

It develops the imaginative mind, fosters creative, experimental learning and encourages hands-on discovery in a nurturing environment.

To get more information on the school, please a copy of the school brochure.

Benefits of Bilingualism

Learning to speak another language opens the door to another culture. It also opens the door to wider understanding, to appreciating differences and to looking for alternative solutions to problems.

Scientists researching bilingual children have noted an increased level of creativity, improved ability to interpret the world, more advanced language skills in their mother tongue, and better school performance among bilingual children than among mono-lingual children. They argue that bilingual education develops the brain differently from mono-lingual education.

However, becoming bilingual does not happen overnight. If you speak a different language at home than what the school environment offers, you should allow 6-24 months before your child comfortably converses in the new language.

Even though there are individual differences, there is much you can do to ease your child’s learning experience by getting involved in it personally. While exposure to a new language is broadly beneficial, your child will benefit even more if you make a long-term commitment to keeping up the language support well into your child’s teenage years.